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If you carry one or more concealed handguns every day like I do, you need holsters that are comfortable to wear, retain your guns securely, and hide your guns well. As a Pennsylvania State Police Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and NRA Certified LE Firearms Instructor, my carry holsters must allow rapid access to my carry guns and safe re-holstering. 

When I qualify retired police officers under LEOSA (HR 218), and when I do private handgun and shooting instruction, I must set a good example of how to effectively conceal a handgun all day long. That’s why I personally favor Alessi Gun Rigs. The Alessi brand stands for quality handcrafted custom gun leather.

My company, Personal Defense Solutions, LLC is proud to be an authorized Alessi Gun Holster dealer. Choose the best leather gun holsters on the Planet. Don’t settle for cheap imitations. Carry a gun to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones. Choose the right gun for you and carry your gun in the right holster - an Alessi.

Keep safe,
Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D.
President, Personal Defense Solutions, LLC

Alessi Holsters

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